Chinese dress

Chinese dress

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Vintage Louis Vuitton – What would you like to read? Was möchten Sie lesen?


While I’m busy organizing family, guests and friends for tomorrow’s RED RIBBON CELEBRATION CONCERT and for a couple of outings this weekend – I would like to plan the next edition ofMY LITTLE LOUIS VUITTON MUSEUM with your help:

What would you like to read about?

Während ich dabei bin meine Familie, Gäste und Freunde für dasRED RIBBON CELEBRATION CONCERTund und noch vieles mehr an diesem Wochenende zu organisieren, möchte ich die nächste Ausgabe von MEIN KLEINES LOUIS VUITTON MUSEUM planen und benötige dazu Ihre Hilfe:

Worüber möchte Sie lesen?

    🙂    Thanks for your input & have a HAPPY start into the weekend!   🙂   

    🙂    Danke für Ihren Input & einen FRÖHLICHEN Start in’s Wochenende!   🙂   

        🙂        HappyFace313     🙂     

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Leopard For Breakfast

The last trail of my European endeavors rests within just a few more posts. And then…I guess I will stalk and search within the USA to feed my inspiration. Literally.


chantilly2A chateau day in Chantilly…the hometown of whipped cream. Danger.

bruggesA day in Brugges…hometown of Belgian waffles (with banana, hot fudge, caramelized nuts) and perv chocolates.


A quick stop at the Orangerie museum so you realize I do have hobbies aside from feasting…Hey sexy Picasso chunk over there, you tell ’em thick is beautiful.

orangerie2And Monet’s water lilies…stunning.

van gogh

And yet another day trip to Auvers-sur-oise, Van Gogh’s hometown. It was cool to see the real mccoy behind his paintings.

van gogh2

IMG_0720And RIP Vinnie and bro.

And some random stuff…

la perleThis is a good place to grab a drink, it’s where apparently John Galliano had one too many and went on his “I love Hitler” shindig. I had a more peaceful experience…

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Polka Dots & Sailor Stripes

So I know we all have an album on our Pinterest pages that either entail out of this world recipes, or ridiculously amazing sweet treats. I know I do. The only problem is I rarely utilize these fabulous creations that I have tucked away simply because I forget which ones I want to try!

I finally put one to good use and made a cookie dough bowl for my ice cream. It was fabulous! Mine weren’t as good as the ones on Pinterest (shocker), however, they were still delicious.

{One piece of advice: Don’t cover the cupcake tin with cookie dough, it expands too much! Simply round the top of the cupcake tin, and let the dough barely drop over the sides}



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Look incrível pr o inverno só q ñ achei memhuma peça iqual a da foto :( #look #love #smail #instagram #tagsforlikes #TFLers #moda #inverno #TagsForLikes #teen #teenvogue #rosa #preto # culos #casaco #bota #bolça

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Summer Fix: Rainy Day Activities

She Wore Ribbon

Although it’s technically summer, we Brits have torrent of cloudy days, rainy spells and the odd hailstorm to contend with, even though we’d much rather be frolicking in the sun and eating ice cream. But hey, we don’t need sun to have fun! In honour of the British weather system, I’ve compiled a Top 10 list of Rainy Day Activities, to make sure every day of summer is fun, creative and productive!

  1. Make your own denim shorts: see here.
    This guide is amazing: it contains everything from patterns, hemming, embellishments and dip-dye. There’s no excuse not to have a beautiful pair of shorts at the ready when the sun re-appears!
    shorts(Source: Buzzfeed)
  2. Make snacks in a mug: see here.
    All I’ve ever tried is the “chocolate cake in a mug”, but I’ll be sure to give a few of these a go! Beats having to do a shopping trip in…

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